Sagt om Anders

Anders was the agile coach of our team, he always managed to get most out of us.
And to help us reach more complex goals every day. He managed to do this by organizing valuable meetings where we would collaborate and identify opportunities for growth. Also, he always manages to follow up on meetings to ensure that the valuable points discussed in the workshop would not be forgotten. It was a great experience to work together with Anders. He even helped me to take on the role as a scrum master in addition to my role as software engineer. The reason I managed to grow towards a good scrum master is because I got great help and supportive feedback from Anders. I am recommending anyone to add him to their team, as it will benefit not only the performance of the team but also the entire organization.

// Boonman Sharona

Anders driver sitt ledarskap med struktur, lugn, ödmjukhet samt humor.
Med lång erfarenhet och stor kunskap har Anders lätt att skapa riktigt bra relationer med alla inblandade och på alla olika företagsnivåer. Som Projekt/förändringsledare visar Anders stort engagemang och driv i alla sorters frågeställningar och hanterar utmaningar med focus och omsorg för att hitta nya vägar till målet.
Anders ger stöd åt alla inblandade och för diskussioner mellan parter för att komma vidare med gemensamma genomtänkta nya lösningar.

Jag har varit inblandad i ett väldigt lyckat större Projekt där Anders varit Projekt/förändringsledare samt nyckelperson. Det projektet var väldigt utmanande och ställde höga krav på alla inblandade medarbetare i olika roller och grupperingar. En förändringsresa som pågick ca 1 år.

Projektet var även känsligt på flera nivåer med nya arbetssätt, färre roller, nya relationer och samarbetes former på olika nivåer och nya partners.

Målet uppfylldes och projektet stängdes med ett fullgott resultat och utfall.

Ger mina bästa rekommendationer till Anders som person samt med sitt ledarskap, att driva och hantera förändring där stora krav och utmaningar ligger som grund.

/Christer Holmsten
H&M Operation Area responsible ( OAR )

When in need of a strong partner to enforce business excellence within the team and drive leading empowerment then Anders will be a perfect match. He never gives up on people or the focus of the business. Anders will se the potential in both money, value, brand and not the least the human resources. I can highly recommend Anders a strategic partner and developer for your business.”

/Ann Baron Business Owner and Board Professional

Anders is a powerful, energetic, driving force with vast business and training experience. He is always focused on the result, inspiring and leading people he works with. He is a great Agile Change Manager that supports changes done the right way with the right effect.

/Peter Diephuis
Agile Expert

Anders is an exceptionally well versed in business development. Over the years I have known him I have seen him craft extremely well thought out strategies to accelerate sales and increase penetration into new market segments. He reinforces his knowledge of sales with an in-depth understanding of both marketing and branding. It’s this grasp of the bigger picture that truly sets him apart from other sales professionals.

He never fails to surprise and delight his audiences with a fresh take on leadership, sales and innovative ways to build their businesses. He has your best interests at heart.

The consummate gentleman and handsome devil to boot!

/Simon Robson
Head of Finland at dunnhumby



Mobil: 070-899 59 82